Makotu Sculpt Part 1:

This was created for my Conceptual Illustration class for the first part of the quarter, which was to create and present a character. I’ve already had Makotu is mind for a couple years now, and I thought he’d be good since we’re creating/enhancing a whole world and storyline and the one he belongs to is my favorite so far.

This is still a major work in progress, but here is the first pass! Later on I’ll be polishing up my muscles and anatomy, and then adding more details, some extra gear/armor and a weapon he’ll be holding. I also want to bake and then paint it, so it’s going to look AMAZING.

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  2. xeraki said: This is amazing! I love how many details you can squeeze in there, I can’t wait to see the final product C:
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    Ahhh watching this progress has been incredible so far, and I’m thrilled absolutely to death to see you continue ;-;...
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